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[SoO] Forging the Pact

Sola Solstice, Oct 28, 12 8:48 AM.
Shards of Old Tyria finally opens its doors! Come on in ;3
Allied Krewe0/??
Dungeon Krewe0/40
Event Krewe?/??
Leadership Krewe1/?
PvE Krewe2/200
SPvP Crew0/?
Trade Krewe0/?
WvW Krewe0/200
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Shards of Old Tyria
Who are we?
[SoO] Is a guild Based in Eredon Terrace with a strong focus on inter-server community and Unity. We welcome everyone with open arms who shows a good attitude and willingness to improve life for everyone on ET. With inner guild groups focused on multiple tasks such as Dominating WvW to The average PvE casual group, Some of us may even start up Events for the guild or server alike through funding from our Trade Krewe who focuses on playing in the Trading Post with gold and silver!

What is our Goal?
[SoO] Is here to bring forth and foster a strong and united server with a friendly and warm atmosphere. With a multitude of focuses on various aspects of the game we strive to make Eredon Terrace the number 1 community in all of Guild Wars 2 for noobs and vets alike for years to come.

What can You Do?
[SoO] is currently looking for all kinds of people to fill in various roles in the guild! Think you're a hot shot in PvE? Join our PvE Krewe. Got Mad Skillz and think yourself a master tactician? Join our WvW Krewe! Have more fun playing with the economy and ingame currency than swinging a sword around? Join up with the Trade Krewe and put yourself to the test.  There's a place for everyone here. Just bring a good attitude and Message us for an Invite.
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